Definition of castellan in English:



  • The governor of a castle.

    • ‘The castellan had recognized the seal of the Earl of Thierry on his letters of introduction.’
    • ‘Until then, uprisings against the new Norman régime had been confined to local spats prompted mainly by the heavy-handed actions of overzealous castellans.’
    • ‘Regardless, our empire remains, though now it is an invisible fortress without walls, one that cannot be breached by physical force- and I am the sole heir and castellan of that fortress.’
    • ‘It came to pass that in mid-August, shortly after returning from the pilgrimage, Terada's lord, Matsudaira Ukyodayu, was appointed to a new position as deputy castellan of Osaka Castle.’
    • ‘French noblemen took to protecting themselves in fortified buildings that were known as castellans - these served as private fortifications in which people and animals were protected from these feared invaders’


Late Middle English: from Old Northern French castelain, from medieval Latin castellanus, from Latin castellum (see castle).