Definition of cast iron in English:

cast iron


mass noun
  • 1A hard, relatively brittle alloy of iron and carbon which can be readily cast in a mould and contains a higher proportion of carbon than steel (typically 2–4.3 per cent).

    • ‘The cast iron gutters with copper downpipes need to be cleaned and painted with special paint.’
    • ‘Except for emergency situations, it is not wise to repair cast iron parts of this type.’
    • ‘I was able to set up my cast iron skillet with enough olive oil to fry these up just right.’
    • ‘It had three keyholes and as many huge keys and was apparently made of cast iron reinforced with steel.’
    • ‘The wheels are wooden with cast iron rims and cost more than £300 each to replace.’
    • ‘Five minutes later, we passed under the fine 1847 viaduct that has a wide cast-iron span over the river and many brick arches either side.’
    • ‘Both properties are set back from the road and lie behind cast iron railings.’
    • ‘The second and third bedrooms are doubles and both have cast iron fireplaces and some period features.’
    • ‘This is a fine sized room with a particularly impressive marble fireplace with cast iron inset.’
    • ‘At its entrance are cast iron gates within stone pillars which open to a sweeping gravel driveway leading the front of the house.’
    • ‘The work will take around ten weeks and will involve the removal and repair of a damaged piece of cast iron work.’
    • ‘It will be the largest water project in the borough since the Victorian cast iron piping was first laid at the turn of the last century.’
    • ‘The recently landscaped gardens include a rose garden in front of the house and tall cast iron lamps.’
    • ‘Some old fireplaces will come with original tiled surrounds, others with ornate cast iron or marble.’
    • ‘Steel combines something of the strength of wrought iron with the malleability of cast iron.’
    • ‘It's a sort of outdoor pot-bellied stove made of cast iron and imported by Blue Bone from China.’
    • ‘There are two other classes of cast iron which are more ductile than gray cast iron.’
    • ‘Preformed linings for tunnels were first developed using cast iron.’
    • ‘Smirke was a pioneer of new methods, particularly the use of cast iron in building construction.’
    • ‘Historical cast iron radiators were made at local foundries that also produced the valves.’
  • 2as modifier Firm and unchangeable.

    ‘there are no cast-iron guarantees’
    • ‘This is because they have perfected several cast iron defences against criticism.’
    • ‘And, just to add to your woes, as soon as they learn to say no, it's a cast-iron certainty that they will detest every item of clothing you choose for them.’
    • ‘He said last night he had given cast-iron guarantees that the money was in place and insisted the consortium are ready for the takeover.’
    • ‘And they insist they will seek cast-iron guarantees that Bury's famous market will, if moved, be better than it is now.’
    • ‘But it is reluctant to issue a cast-iron guarantee that every contract will meet its target, even though none has fallen short to date.’
    • ‘Claimants have a lot to prove if they are to be successful, but anyone with a cast-iron case could be looking at a substantial sum.’
    • ‘One in five patients said they would never take out another claim even if they had a cast-iron case, because of the way they had been dealt with.’
    • ‘Truth is a cast-iron defence against libel actions.’
    • ‘In this sense, the individual must again decide in each case, giving a cast-iron definition of where they would draw the line.’
    • ‘That they didn't and instead delivered a knock-out blow of their own underlines their cast iron resolve.’
    • ‘It combines stock market growth potential with a cast-iron guarantee that savers will not lose a penny if the market volatility continues.’
    • ‘Until a clearer picture emerges and cast iron guarantees are given, these moves must be strenuously opposed.’
    • ‘But go ahead if you're confident of your investment skills and have a cast-iron stomach for failure.’
    • ‘A good start would be cast-iron guarantees that, if elected, they would make the charities bill an immediate priority.’
    unalterable, immutable, invariable, unvarying, invariant, changeless, firm, fixed, hard and fast, cast-iron, set in stone, set, decided, established, permanent, deep-rooted, enduring, abiding, lasting, indestructible, ineradicable, irreversible, unfading, constant, perpetual, eternal, lifelong
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cast iron

/ˌkɑːst ˈʌɪən/