Definition of cassone in English:



  • (in Italy) a large chest, especially one used to hold a bride's trousseau.

    • ‘She considers the gender of the viewer, her or his level of education, familiarity with the classical and vernacular sources, and familial role in relation to the matrimony commemorated by the cassoni.’
    • ‘The demand for Virgins, Crucifixions, and Baptists, for cassoni and deschi da parto, was sufficiently great for workshops to be able to produce them without a particular customer in mind.’
    • ‘These sculptures, and others, are juxtaposed with coins, medals, gems, seals, enamels, ivory carving, a cassone, a parade shield, moulded leather and even a waffling iron.’
    • ‘The Barberini cassone described above shares with the sarcophagus both a human scale and the honor of figuring prominently in ceremonies that formalize two significant rites of passage: weddings and funerals.’
    • ‘Italian marriage chests, or cassoni, were usually made in pairs and given as wedding gifts to the bride and groom.’


Late 19th century: Italian, ‘large chest’.