Definition of cassette player in English:

cassette player

(also cassette recorder)


  • A machine for playing and recording audio cassettes.

    • ‘This car was to automobiles what the cassette player was to sound systems: not ancient, but not terribly popular, either.’
    • ‘It is only while working at home or travelling by car that she turns on the radio or the cassette player for some kind of music.’
    • ‘I used to take in my cassette player and listen to music.’
    • ‘He hadn't noticed before that the tape in the cassette player had come to an end and the cab was almost fittingly silent.’
    • ‘A councillor brought in a television set with a video cassette player and insisted that he be allowed to play the tapes to reveal the ‘pathetic civic conditions’ prevailing in his ward.’
    • ‘In buses, taxis, restaurants, and bars, there is almost always a radio or a cassette player providing background music.’
    • ‘Others sprint off to bring treasures for the strange foreigner's approval: a battered cassette player, and an old wrist watch whose face is so badly cracked that reading the time is impossible.’
    • ‘As he popped his head round the garden gate to see what was going on, a man carrying a screw driver and holding a stereo cassette player under his armed walked past.’
    • ‘She said: ‘We produce a simple tape recording, and all they need is a cassette player.’’
    • ‘The radio incorporates a front mounted six-CD unit in addition to a cassette player, and it gave top class reception.’
    • ‘If you're a music-lover with a sizeable stack of albums, a cassette player and a tendency towards nerdy and mildly obsessive behaviour, chances are you've made a mix tape.’
    • ‘As I slid the first tape into the cassette player, I was hesitant because I was unsure of what to expect from the narrator and was fearful that the narration would make the experience of listening to the story difficult.’
    • ‘Another coroner bought a cassette player to record court hearings from a car boot sale.’
    • ‘Now my cassette player has been taken away so I have lost the last bit of distraction and entertainment I had.’
    • ‘She just turned up the volume on her cassette player.’
    • ‘It's got to the point where I'm recording from CD on to tape and driving around with a cassette player in the car.’
    • ‘‘It was playing on a tinny cassette player, yet there was something so atmospheric about the quality of music in this room,’ he explains.’
    • ‘Having a snack and some caffeinated beverage can help, as can listening to music or a good ‘book on tape’ on a head-set cassette player.’
    • ‘He grinned widely to himself and sang along to the tape in the cassette player.’
    • ‘Half-awake in a Florida hotel, he recorded the famous guitar lick onto a cassette player beside his bed.’


cassette player

/kəˈsɛt pleɪə/