Definition of cask wine in English:

cask wine


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • Wine sold in a large carton with a dispensing tap.

    ‘Kiwis have gone from drinking cask wine to appreciating quality vintages’
    • ‘There was an 81 per cent reduction in cask wine alcohol, as it went from around a third of the market to about one-twentieth.’
    • ‘Licensees were asked to co-operate in limiting cask wine sales to one per person.’
    • ‘I consider it cask wine in a bottle.’
    • ‘She had been seen outside the court drinking cask wine with a friend.’
    • ‘Opened cask wine stays good for six to eight weeks.’
    • ‘The way is now open for cheap cask wine to come back onto the market.’
    • ‘Cask wine is less expensive than the same wine in a bottle because of cheaper materials and lower shipping costs.’
    • ‘The company has completed its withdrawal from the cask wine segment in Australia.’
    • ‘It was cask wine, and it stank.’
    • ‘The tawny port is much worse than the cask wine.’