Definition of cask beer in English:

cask beer


mass noun
  • Draught beer brewed and stored in the traditional way, maturing naturally in the cask from which it is served.

    Compare with keg beer
    • ‘There is a common misconception that cask beer is intended to be warm, whereas in reality it shouldn't even be tepid, yet alone warm.’
    • ‘With this in mind we have developed a delicious, full-flavoured cask beer that captures all the flavour and character of classic English ale but combines this with consistent refreshment and a younger, more stylish image.’
    • ‘Inspectors - who visit pubs anonymously - check cask beer for temperature, appearance, aroma and taste.’
    • ‘But the star attraction - cask beer and bottled ale at sensible prices - had never changed.’
    • ‘Excessive faith was also placed in cash crops, DDT, myxomatosis, nuclear power, irrigation schemes, tower blocks, factory fishing ships, mindless production lines and replacing cask beer with keg.’
    • ‘Unusually for a cask beer, it draws most of its consumers from lager drinkers, a fact which may hold the key to its seemingly unstoppable success.’
    • ‘She said customers travel from all over Yorkshire to the store and that the rotating cask beer, which sells in four or eight-pint pitchers, is a firm favourite.’
    • ‘Its cask beer is the fastest-growing brand in the market and the volume of sales has gone up by 50% in the past four years.’