Definition of cask-conditioned in English:



  • (of beer) undergoing a secondary fermentation in the cask and not filtered, pasteurized, or further processed before serving.

    • ‘The brewery has established a national reputation for its bottle and cask-conditioned beers.’
    • ‘Held each August at the Olympia, the Great British Beer Festival features more than 700 cask-conditioned real ales and a foreign beer bar offering several hundred more classic beers in bottles.’
    • ‘One of the house beers will be a cask-conditioned ale drawn by hand-pump.’
    • ‘The micro-brewery makes cask-conditioned real ale, which is sold in 24 pubs in South Lakeland.’
    • ‘The festival, which saw 23 different types of cask-conditioned real ales from breweries all over the UK available, ran from Friday evening until Sunday.’
    • ‘We are pleased to offer local people an exciting new opportunity to enjoy high-quality food and drink, including a superb range of cask-conditioned ales, in a smoke-free atmosphere’
    • ‘They serve both ales and lagers of distinction, which are brewed on premises, and have a different cask-conditioned ale every Friday.’
    • ‘Roberts has always been a big fan of cask-conditioned beers, so expect to see more of them in the future.’
    • ‘Founded in 1971, it fought for the return of traditional, cask-conditioned beer to Britain's pubs to counterbalance the rise of keg’ ales and lagers.’
    • ‘If you visit a pub in the UK today you can choose from a cask-conditioned beer, a premium beer, a standard lager, a premium lager, a Guinness, and a non-cask conditioned beer plus any brand of bottled beers one can think of.’
    • ‘Real ale, or cask-conditioned ale, is brewed without additives and carbonated right in the serving vessel (the cask) by the action of living yeast.’
    • ‘He said judges were looking at the quality of the cask-conditioned ale on sale, as well as the pub's general ambience.’
    • ‘Their annual Cask Beer Festival held each October attracts a sell-out crowd, with samples of 30 + cask-conditioned ales, many of which are produced solely for the one-day event.’
    • ‘Tastings have been orchestrated around such topics as hop varieties, holidays, regions and countries, brewing styles, cask-conditioned ales, Great American Beer Festival winners, chefs and now philosophy.’
    • ‘He added: ‘The pub would be music-free, and there would be a range of cask-conditioned beers and a full menu.’’
    on draught, cask-conditioned, real-ale, from barrels, not bottled, not canned
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