Definition of casita in English:



North American
  • A small house or other building, especially a wooden cabin.

    • ‘But everywhere in New York are seen Puerto Rican flags, and small casitas (little houses) similar to those seen on the island dot a variety of local lots and community gardens.’
    • ‘It is to include a 400-room main hotel, flanked by 150 casitas and 32 resort condominiums, as well as a golf training facility and three practice greens.’
    • ‘The Inn on the Blue Horizon offers casitas with private balconies and ocean views.’
    • ‘I asked if there were any casitas available - two years ago we'd stayed in this wonderful little hut whose rooms were twice the size of the average rooms, had a big fan, a safe, a huge bathroom and a balcony with a hammock.’
    • ‘Among Puerto Ricans in New York City, home-built casitas (small houses) in abandoned urban lots sprang up to recreate the garden life of a community amid decaying apartment projects.’
    • ‘Puerto Ricans in New York City have built casitas, copies of the traditional rural wooden houses painted in vibrant colors and decorated with Puerto Rican objects.’
    • ‘Later Charles IV commissioned landscapes from Claude-Joseph Vernet to decorate his casitas (small country houses).’
    • ‘Rooms in the new section are large, luxurious, and contemporary; hillside casitas and rooms in the old mansion retain their Victorian style.’
    • ‘The casitas face open squares or small courtyards that reinforce a sense of community.’
    • ‘The little casita is as empty as a torn pocket, and the status-earning satellite dish he never even used is now nearly hidden by a curtain of beautiful, uncut weeds.’
    • ‘The 40 casitas are inspired by native houses, and my favorite is the last one, a stilted hillside perch overlooking lush vegetation, gleaming white sand beaches and the Sulu Sea.’
    • ‘Each casita is now a luxurious stand-alone cottage, and a pool is sunk into what was once a factory floor.’


Early 19th century: from Spanish, diminutive of casa ‘house’.