Definition of cashmere in English:


Pronunciation /kaʃˈmɪə//ˈkaʃmɪə/


mass noun
  • 1Fine, soft wool, originally that from the Kashmir goat.

    • ‘There are dyes for wool & cashmere that generally require hot water - even on top of the stove application.’
    • ‘The Alpaca fleece is soft as cashmere but warmer, lighter and stronger than wool and it comes in many natural colours.’
    • ‘The name cashmere was derived from Kashmir, the state of India, where the cashmere goat was initially found.’
    • ‘I do not have experience dyeing wool, cashmere, angora, or other similar hair fibers, so I cannot speak directly.’
    • ‘International buyers came to Texas looking to purchase kid mohair and cashmere.’
    • ‘Merino wool is soft and luxurious, resembling cashmere.’
    • ‘For two decades poachers have slaughtered chiru by the thousands for their wool, which is finer and more expensive than cashmere.’
    • ‘Merino, cashmere, Angora… these luxury yarns were too expensive to be hastily turned into just another scarf.’
    • ‘If you think cashmere is soft, you should try alpaca.’
    1. 1.1 Woollen material made from or resembling cashmere.
      as modifier ‘a cashmere jumper’
      • ‘She stopped when she came to a soft, blue cashmere long-sleeved shirt.’
      • ‘All the designs come in materials ranging from camel hair, grain lambskin, silk crepe, silk faille and flannel to wool and cashmere.’
      • ‘Be warned, as simple as cashmere sweaters may look, they can come with a serious price tag.’
      • ‘Classic models updated and translated into luxurious fabrics: cashmere and extra fine wools.’
      • ‘There were more sweaters than I'd ever seen, cashmere, mohair, lamb's wool, alpaca, you name it.’
      • ‘Different fabrics include merino or light wool, cashmere, and cotton, which can all be worn under sports jackets.’
      • ‘Stock up on key fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and lightweight knits in the summer months, and wool, cashmere and merino knits in the winter.’
      • ‘Sweaters are simpler this season, available in fabrics such as cotton, regular wool, merino wool or cashmere.’
      • ‘Silk, wool, cashmere, chiffon, silk-jersey, tulle and leather are their favourite.’
      • ‘Mohair, angora, wool, cashmere, camel, alpaca, etc. are all your allies against the wind and cold.’
      • ‘An exhibition exploring proportion in new and old tartans featuring woven Tartan in cashmere and merino wool.’
      • ‘Tackle the chill factor when wearing your favorite backless or strapless pieces by wrapping up in cashmere, velvet or wool shawls.’
      • ‘Jackets in bouclé, wool, cashmere blends, tapestry and tweeds.’
      • ‘Her woollen coats and cashmere dresses were technically brilliant.’
      • ‘To keep out the cold, in imitable British style, three-quarter-length car coats are back in tweed, cashmere and wool, featuring velvet collars.’
      • ‘He uses linen, cotton and cashmere and his textures combine opposites - they are soft and smart, worn but restrained.’
      • ‘A medium height woman with bright and vivid red hair, and gray eyes, dressed in a light blue cashmere sweater and blue denim jeans, came to stand before me, hand thrust forwards in greeting.’
      • ‘Apart from the traditional cashmere, silk, wool, natural linen and cotton, bamboo linen is a new member.’
      • ‘With cashmere and wool overcoats, you're sure to stay warm and adequately cool, since natural fabrics like wool tend to be breathable.’
      • ‘So buy a few lightweight cashmere or wool knits in these colours now and you will be happily wearing them through to spring and summer.’


Late 17th century: an early spelling of Kashmir.