Definition of cashback in English:



  • 1A form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

    • ‘Use your debit card where you can and make the most of cashback offers at the supermarket and elsewhere.’
    • ‘I can sell the car and get a cheaper one, getting a cashback on the trade to reduce my expenditure.’
    • ‘By using a cashback card, you can get receive up to £20 for every £1, 000 that you spend.’
    • ‘By putting all your spending on a cashback credit card, you can receive up to 2% back on every purchase.’
    • ‘The car is spacious and currently enjoys a cashback deal that reduces the list price of £25, 295 to £22, 295.’
    • ‘Typical incentives offered by builders include cashback deals of up to E10,000.’
    • ‘The cashback is available on purchases but not cash advances, bill payments or foreign exchange.’
    • ‘Once, I even considered buying a car using a credit card, just for the cashback!’
    • ‘The deals also typically offer incentives, such as cashback and free valuations.’
    • ‘But while deals offering generous cashback upfront may seem appealing to cash-strapped borrowers, brokers generally advise against them because there is invariably some kind of trade-off.’
    • ‘Both are offering a 3000 cashback and carpets or part-exchange on your own property.’
    • ‘The scheme offered cashback on half the cost of a new computer - up to a maximum of £500.’
    • ‘As the January sales continue, the dealer is taking early action by offering new car buyers competitive cashback offers.’
    • ‘Some deals offer cashback, which can be particularly attractive to first-time buyers struggling to furnish their new home.’
    • ‘With a cashback mortgage, you receive a lump sum upfront, in return for agreeing to be locked in to a particular rate for a pre-set period.’
    • ‘Customers who legally complete their purchase by the end of February can take full advantage of the cashback offered on one of their three bedroomed homes.’
    1. 1.1 A facility offered by some retailers whereby the customer may withdraw cash when making a debit card purchase.
      • ‘Use your debit card for purchases or get cashback from a retailer’
      • ‘In some stores customers get 10% cashback, and 20% back at selected others.’
      • ‘My corner shop charges £1.50 to make a withdrawal, yet it charges nothing for cashback.’
      • ‘You can also earn up to 20% cashback if you use your card at certain retailers.’
      • ‘Payment using a debit card has become extremely popular with consumer customers, who can even use their debit card to obtain cash from certain retail outlets under the cashback scheme.’
      • ‘Alternatively, buy something in a pub or store that offers fee-free cashback to debit cardholders.’
      • ‘Next February, it will launch the first ever current account that pays cashback on debit card purchases.’