Definition of cash up in English:

cash up

phrasal verb

  • Count and check takings at the end of a day's trading.

    ‘two staff were cashing up at one of the tills’
    • ‘Mr Harteveld said: ‘I was cashing up when I heard a noise.’’
    • ‘This is so that when he finishes his shift he can just dump the money then leave rather than have to spend another half an hour cashing up.’
    • ‘My final chance, as far as I could see, was as we were cashing up.’
    • ‘It's getting close to 6.00 pm when I start cashing up and the other member of staff comes upstairs to work the main till.’
    • ‘‘You cash up at the end of the day and you are directly responsible for your sales,’ she said.’
    • ‘At the time the assistant manager was on holiday, so I was left essentially running the shop with the manager coming in for a few hours to cash up and open/close the shop.’
    • ‘At the end of the day I was cashed up and it was found that I had accepted two forged tenners.’
    • ‘Nearly £18,000 was taken in the raid when two members of staff who were cashing up a Saturday night's takings were attacked.’
    • ‘However, as well as the good craic and the laughs, there was also the hard work behind the scenes, as Angela found time for bookkeeping, stocking the shop and cashing up at the end of the day.’
    • ‘When the boss is cashing up at work, don't fiddle with the PC and turn it off half way though ‘by mistake'. He gets angry.’
    • ‘On October 3 he was in charge of cashing up because the manager was absent and stole £1, 750, three days' takings, and also took a Ford Mondeo car that he had not fully paid for from the owner of the club.’
    • ‘The last remaining regular had finished off his pint minutes earlier and the assistant manager locked the front door and started to cash up the night's takings’
    • ‘I unlocked the office and settled for the morning's work of cashing up the previous day's takings, within less than a minute the fire alarm sounded!’
    • ‘That could suggest consumers may prove to be more cautious when the tills are cashed up this Christmas.’
    • ‘We had four people working full time just cashing up and going to the bank.’
    • ‘Police said the pair waited until the pub was empty before bursting in as the landlord and the barmaid were cashing up.’
    • ‘Still, something to think about when I get around to cashing up the penny jar, eh?’
    • ‘When the clock struck 10 pm, Mr Gunn cashed up the day's takings and closed the premises, ready to go home.’
    • ‘There was no sign of the tills having been cashed up.’
    • ‘Everyone else had gone home and we had finished cashing up.’