Definition of cash nexus in English:

cash nexus


  • The relationship constituted by monetary transactions.

    • ‘The impersonality of the cash nexus, ‘refreshing’ to those who can avail themselves of its benefits, is debilitating to those who cannot.’
    • ‘They were in it for something more enduring than the cash nexus - they had a commitment to the intellectual development of the next generation.’
    • ‘He has suggested that ‘their obligation to fight did not arise from the cash nexus but from the bonds of lordship’.’
    • ‘What could have been a more virulent expression of ‘nascent class antagonism’ than his program to turn all social relations into the cash nexus?’
    • ‘Higher virtues and social concerns were subsumed by the cash nexus and crass materialism of an industrial capitalist society.’
    • ‘To prevent the domination of the degrading cash nexus, Mitchel advocated a system of economic regulation and mutual obligation between employer and employee.’
    • ‘This disrupted existing social networks, destroyed moral communities, replaced personal bonds by the cash nexus, and caused immense deprivation and demoralization.’
    • ‘What's truly new about the new economy is its scope-the unprecedented spread of for-profit exchange and the cash nexus into human affairs-and the speed at which this monetized system expands and operates.’
    • ‘So not only in its upper echelons was the rural world increasingly penetrated by the cash nexus that eroded the traditional social order and its value-system.’
    • ‘Gambling is at best an unhealthy industry that accentuates the inequality in society, acting as a cash nexus, transforming everyone and everything into a commodity.’
    • ‘More than one hundred years after the founding of the republic, materialism, the cash nexus, deceit and corruption had become the centerpiece of a society supposedly built upon the twin pillars of civic duty and republican virtue.’
    • ‘Perhaps, but the queue at the local bagel shop suggests that the cash nexus still holds the upper hand.’
    • ‘Third, machine production, the factory system and the cash nexus profoundly altered the social structure first of England and then, by the end of the century, throughout Europe and eventually the world.’
    • ‘The change was not the result of the imposition of a cash nexus on unwilling farmers in response to landlords' demands for higher rents.’