Definition of cash machine in English:

cash machine

(British cash dispenser)


  • another term for automated teller machine
    • ‘I heard that HSBC would have cash machines all over the country.’
    • ‘A bank card's validity when inserted into a cash machine does not matter to the machine.’
    • ‘Virtually all of the cash dispensers in the Netherlands were providing euro banknotes by the end of the first day of its entry into circulation.’
    • ‘When I drew money from a cash dispenser recently I inadvertently used my credit card instead of my bank debit card.’
    • ‘In most of Europe it is now much simpler—and often cheaper—to use your debit card to draw money from the nearest cash dispenser as you need it.’
    • ‘Be extra vigilant when using your cash machine, so that thieves cannot see you enter your PIN.’
    • ‘But cash dispensers may not always be available and there is no guarantee that your bankcard will work.’
    • ‘Drawing cash from a cash machine provided by the credit card company is allowed if no interest is charged for the cash drawing.’
    • ‘The thieves succeeded in removing the cash dispenser from the wall of the bank.’
    • ‘Temple and his researchers have come up with film of a man "having a hissy fit because the cash machine has broken down".’