Definition of cash in hand in English:

cash in hand


  • Payment for goods and services in cash rather than by cheque or other means, typically as a way of avoiding the payment of tax on the amount earned.

    as modifier ‘a cash-in-hand job’
    • ‘There he met several other illegal immigrants who, like him, were prepared to work for wages well below the legal minimum - usually for around £2.50 to £3 per hour - as long as it was cash in hand.’
    • ‘We all know cases where somebody is working cash in hand and then signing on, not only is this person not paying tax but also is claiming benefit on top.’
    • ‘They live in a caravan on a Welsh beach all summer, work cash in hand at a local pub, and spend four months of the winter here.’
    • ‘Most of those late-night and weekend workers operated on their own time, getting cash in hand for shop fittings and specialised work.’
    • ‘The court later heard that because the benefit the three defendants enjoyed was cash in hand, investigators had found it difficult to establish how much each had received.’
    • ‘His claims led to a fraud probe by the Employment Service which found that trainees were being paid cash in hand for jobs on the side with the knowledge and co-operation of some supervisors.’
    • ‘Occasionally, he would pop up playing gigs above pubs for £40 cash in hand, but compared with his profile of only a few years ago, he all but vanished.’
    • ‘So, without identity documents, she had to shield her children from the authorities and eke out a living with odd cash in hand jobs.’
    • ‘Also the people that leave under these schemes go and find another job or work cash in hand to make more money.’
    • ‘Often low on cash, they can be enticed into working for lower hourly rates of pay, cash in hand, and longer hours without penalty rates.’