Definition of cash cropping in English:

cash cropping


  • See cash crop

    • ‘Debt, cash cropping, environmental damage, the effects on health, education, inequality, the litany of havoc wrought by TNcs is comprehensively covered.’
    • ‘With cash cropping as the central source of income, livelihoods are subject to the fluctuations of local and global markets.’
    • ‘Similarly on Lihir, the senile coconut plantations and abandoned cocoa fermentaries were the only sign that people had once embraced cash cropping as a means of ‘development’.’
    • ‘Winegrowing here has been cash cropping at its most extreme, cranking large volumes out of rich soils and selling to the highest bidder.’
    • ‘Since the introduction of cash crops to Kenya, a gendered division of farming has relegated women to subsistence farming and men to cash cropping.’
    • ‘Families rely on public-sector employment (about 64% of all households), subsistence farming and fishing, and small - scale cash cropping and craft production.’
    • ‘Socio-ecological and socio-cultural processes have been far more influential in making cash cropping in Asian societies a success (or failure) than current theorising acknowledges.’
    • ‘High hopes for cash cropping and a market economy have not been realized; and independence and state government, formal education and employment and spiritual guidance have all been disappointing in various ways.’
    • ‘Acres are dedicated to tobacco or coffee plantations throughout the region as Pacific Island governments continue to emphasise cash cropping with little consideration of local nutritional requirements.’
    • ‘If considering organic cash cropping, the type of land available will determine the types of crops to be grown.’
    • ‘I discussed what villagers were doing with their cash cropping money.’
    • ‘Similar developments have been noted in other parts of Africa, in some cases as a result of state policy to develop rural agriculture through the introduction of cash cropping.’
    • ‘Most ni-Vanuatu are subsistence farmers who do cash cropping on the side.’
    • ‘The second hypothesis is that cash cropping increases the general mechanization of agriculture.’
    • ‘Tahitians make a distinction between slow money (moni taere) from cash cropping and… fast money (moni ‘oi ‘oi) from weekly salaries.’