Definition of cash cow in English:

cash cow


  • A business, investment, or product that provides a steady income or profit.

    • ‘The ticket inspection regime is aimed at bolstering the finances of a system that serves as a cash cow for private companies, but has nothing to do with providing adequate services for commuters.’
    • ‘Ok, whilst it may seem like I have intimated that these companies are breeding the ultimate cash cow by relying on people to want their latest products; this only holds ground for so long.’
    • ‘An evening news broadcast when properly managed is a cash cow for its news division.’
    • ‘But sequels are by no means a guaranteed cash cow.’
    • ‘We all know what happened to the VCR: not long after that defeat, the studios discovered that tape rentals were even more of a cash cow than movie tickets.’
    • ‘In a painful transition, the company is planning to lay off about 12,000 of its workers by 2007 and is busy finding new sources of income in digital as its traditional cash cow continues shrinking.’
    • ‘With new competitors nibbling at local business, the old cash cow is starting to dry up.’
    • ‘‘Everyone sees the SME market as the big cash cow that nobody has cracked yet,’ he said.’
    • ‘The paper has been a cash cow for its owners, with retained profits of €3 million in 2002.’
    • ‘Cutbacks notwithstanding, the government sector remains a significant cash cow for most of the biggest software and hardware firms, and some of the smaller ones.’
    • ‘After it lost the cash cow it milked as a main source of income over the last 50 years, it cannot even afford to pay staff wages on time, or even give them a New Year's bonus.’
    • ‘Much longer than normal and served with foodstuff that add flavour, the roll is the cash cow of the business.’
    • ‘Its dominated its segment for so long - it's the cash cow of the company.’
    • ‘At the same time, the company sees this sector of its business as a cash cow with potentially far higher growth and profitability than its microprocessor business.’
    • ‘Now, overnight, the company has quadruped in size and the once-derided Open Server brings it a steady cash cow, even though the overall balance sheet is colored red.’
    • ‘This evidently shouldn't be in the same way that variant covers of comic books in the 90s were simply a cash cow for the companies.’
    • ‘But the main cash cow is the life business, on which it made an operating profit of £1, 569m.’
    • ‘If you are happy with the wine selected and the price you paid, whether your wine proves to be a cash cow is irrelevant.’
    • ‘Any traditional news company needs to split its energy between shoring up the old business model while it's still a cash cow and developing stronger revenue streams on the new-media side.’
    • ‘Today, the merged mail division is a cash cow and the basis of the company's financial clout.’


cash cow