Definition of cash buyer in English:

cash buyer


  • A person who is able to buy something, especially a property, without needing to take out a mortgage or loan to do so.

    ‘cash buyers and buy-to-let investors have done well because they've been able to pick up cheap homes’
    • ‘At least 62,000 have bought in Spain and 47,000 in France, possibly many more since cash buyers may not be included in the figures.’
    • ‘However, despite this news the percentage of cash buyers has not increased over the last six years, but has remained at 24 per cent.’
    • ‘We all know that the best way to save money on those larger purchases is to haggle - and cash buyers can generally secure the best discounts.’
    • ‘The sensitivity of housing markets to tighter borrowing conditions depends on the amounts of fixed-rate or floating-rate mortgages, the number of cash buyers, and the preponderance of investors as opposed to owner-occupiers.’
    • ‘He targeted cash buyers and those who had been offered the chance to buy council homes.’
    • ‘"Many of these are cash buyers investing from N $800 000 to N $3,5 million," she said.’
    • ‘The amount a private investor will pay for a property is often far more than an institution, as a private investor is often looking for a return that is better than cash - i.e. base rates as they are often cash buyers.’
    • ‘Even above £2 million there are around 1,320 cash buyers looking at the moment, and only about 360 houses in that bracket came onto the market last year.’
    • ‘"It will have an impact on the office market quite quickly but I think there are so many cash buyers for retail it won't have a major impact."’
    • ‘"I get a letter once every six to 10 months from a broker who says they have cash buyers," he says.’
    • ‘Further analysis reveals that 63 pc of applicants are cash buyers with over half seeking properties valued at £1m or more.’
    • ‘The amount being spent on residential property in mainland Europe is difficult to estimate, as buyers tend to borrow from local banks and many investors in the EU member states are cash buyers.’
    • ‘These cash buyers are chasing yield, pure and simple.’
    • ‘Last year the bulk of cash buyers were seeking plots of 500 acres or more.’
    • ‘This has been great for cash buyers who are closing deals at bargain prices but is very bad for sellers.’