Definition of cash book in English:

cash book


  • A book in which receipts and payments of money are recorded.

    • ‘This was a marked difference from the concerns represented in earlier estate cash books.’
    • ‘Hersey's surviving accounting records do not take the form of a day book, a ledger, or a cash book.’
    • ‘In summary, therefore, we feel it was reasonable to give a turnover certification based upon the basic records, i.e. the cash book.’
    • ‘Modules include general ledger and cash book, sales ledger, sales order processing, purchases ledger, purchase order processing, bill of materials and point of sale.’
    • ‘It is possible that Scott's wife's income is the source of the funds drawn from Drummonds Bank and entered into Scott's cash books, referred to earlier, but this must remain a speculation.’
    • ‘It is clear by this time that the cash book has taken on more of the character of an ‘aide-memoire’ for major business transactions than that of a personal account book.’
    • ‘If I complained that the cash book was not properly written up, she would launch into a tirade about the slackness of various suppliers.’
    • ‘It was ledgers and cash books and not Picasso and Cezanne which made the world go round.’
    • ‘Realtime integration between financial ledgers and the cash book provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute management information.’
    • ‘A fourth surviving book, a cash book once more, survives for the 1803-1807 period.’
    • ‘It said nearly all the councils in the province performed badly in record keeping of Constituency Development Fund, such that cash books and ledgers were either not maintained or were several months in arrears.’
    • ‘There was what was called a ‘cashtrack system’ which is like a Kalamazoo system, where one draws the cheque and it is all written on the cash book.’
    • ‘Investigating police officers following a complex paper trail found the company cash book, which was generally ‘neat and well organised’, became incomplete and unclear in February 2000.’
    • ‘Scott's own cash book for 1799 reveals the purchase of a book ‘for servants’, most likely for the recording of wages.’
    • ‘I will not have two Mensa candidate sons end up illiterate and on the scrap heap with no education, no self respect, no hopes and no social skills because someone, possibly just one person, wants to box clever with the cash books.’
    • ‘Other impediments hindering him to progress is the district's failure to have its cash books updated whenever an assessment is conducted, a trend which is also common with other districts.’
    • ‘Original minute and cash books from the last 144 years are held by the club.’
    • ‘A study of his cash books shows that whereas in 1876 he paid more than $250 to teamsters for transport costs, in 1882 total rail charges were only $70.’
    • ‘Four account books - the sales day book, the purchases day book, the cash book, and the ledger - were commonly used.’
    • ‘In the cash books of the Hopwood Estate, James Hopwood mentioned four coal pits, all located near this turnpike, and the coal from these pits was mainly transported to the Manchester market.’