Definition of cash bar in English:

cash bar


  • A bar at a social function at which guests buy drinks rather than having them provided free.

    • ‘The dinner, which features complimentary hors d' oeuvres and a cash bar, with the meal following at 6 p.m., is $25 a person.’
    • ‘But as the night wears on and the alcohol from the cash bar starts flowing into my brain, they slowly turn into masterful actors.’
    • ‘Food, a complimentary drink, a cash bar, and music are included in the ticket price.’
    • ‘We get drinks from the cash bar and food from the free buffet, and watch the crowd.’
    • ‘We just have to figure out the logistics - catering, the band, renting the hall, firming up the opposition to take control after the Tikrit clan has been turned into red mud, whether it'll be an open bar or a cash bar.’
    • ‘Live music, cabarets, papare bands, free beer, cash bar with discounted prices, food stalls, entrance gifts will see you through to the wee hours of the morning.’
    • ‘As usual, the production is a supper cabaret, so a light meal will be served, and a cash bar will be available.’
    • ‘Good thing it wasn't a cash bar, ‘cause I woulda blown all of my money getting Ron drunk, the way it was going.’
    • ‘The school has hired a DJ and a band, and opened a cash bar outside.’
    • ‘Granted, the time you had to queue for tokens was probably less than the time you'd otherwise have fought to get served at a cash bar.’
    • ‘Cabaret style seating and a cash bar further the illusion that we as the audience are sitting in our favourite pub, catching a good live show.’
    • ‘All are invited for free food and a cash bar, so come out and support UW's artists.’
    • ‘Oh yes, a free drink or two, a cash bar and great door prizes.’
    • ‘A cash bar will be available before and after dinner.’
    • ‘Have a cash bar (after the welcome drink) rather than include drinks on the ticket price to keep costs down (and to make it fairer for those who don't drink.’
    • ‘A cash bar is available for drink purchases during the cruise.’
    • ‘He is the last speaker and has a 20-minute slot before the cash bar opens.’
    • ‘Admission is $15 and the event will feature a cash bar, silent auction and live music, as well as food and refreshments.’
    • ‘On top of that we've got eight more great talks, free Wi-Fi, a mini-vendor area [see: shirts and technological ephemera] a cash bar right off the speaking area and gratis beer for paying attendees on Saturday night.’
    • ‘Festivities abound - there will be a brass band, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, light refreshments and a cash bar, and a silent auction of donated and deaccessioned mineral specimens.’


cash bar