Definition of cash and carry in English:

cash and carry


mass noun
  • 1A system of wholesale trading whereby goods are paid for in full at the time of purchase and taken away by the purchaser.

    • ‘But as long as the conflict continues in this troubled region, experts says the more likely the Congo will continue to be a cash and carry economy.’
    • ‘The growth of the cash-and-carry business in Calais (where many of the businesses took cash payments in pounds sterling) in which Arena was involved meant that cash was often the method of payment.’
    • ‘Her name was among those mentioned in December when a Beverly Hills doctor was stripped of his medical licence in California for prescribing addictive drugs on a cash-and-carry basis to celebrities.’
    • ‘A long time resident of Killiney, Co Dublin, he enjoyed a successful career in the cash and carry business through his firm Lee & Co.’
    • ‘Trading standards officers will be carrying out checks on licensed premises to make sure they are not cheating customers by passing off cheap cash-and-carry drinks as leading brands.’
    • ‘The prototype, offering burgers to travellers on a cash-and-carry basis, was likely to be copied at other mainline stations.’
    • ‘I am thinking of setting up my cash and carry medical practice on a boat.’
    • ‘Too many in the United States remain convinced that health care is a cash-and-carry item, largely because they know no other system.’
    • ‘There is enclosed yard space on either side and the selling agent expects interest from cash and carry, manufacturing and distribution users.’
    1. 1.1count noun A wholesale store using the cash and carry system.
      • ‘The site would be suitable for use as a cash and carry, wholesalers, garden centre or motor sales outlet.’
      • ‘It is about to submit plans to create warehousing, offices and a cash and carry operation on 36 acres of the site.’
      • ‘Have your friends or neighbours ever offered you their cash-and-carry card because they reckon that buying through a wholesaler is better than at a ordinary retail store?’
      • ‘We know that he did his weekly shopping at a cash and carry in Walkinstown and charged up his bill to a public house called The Laurels.’
      • ‘A recent survey has shown that nearly forty per cent of small traders buy part of their stock from supermarkets rather than the more traditional cash-and-carry outlets.’
      • ‘In the 1960s he closed the warehouse and opened a supermarket in Motherwell with his brother before turning it into a cash-and-carry store.’
      • ‘However, it would prevent the site being developed for wholesale cash and carry or retail outlets, light industry, noisy manufacturing and nightclubs.’
      • ‘‘We want to reassure all the manufacturers that buy our condensed milk from wholesalers and cash and carry outlets that they will still be able to do so,’ she said.’
      • ‘Under the zoning, uses open for consideration on the site include a cash and carry, crèche, enterprise centre, motor sales, a restaurant/cafe and, most significantly, retail warehousing.’
      • ‘Redmond also visited a cash and carry where he purchased his weekly shopping on Kennedy's account.’


cash and carry

/ˌkaʃ n ˈkari/