Definition of casevac in English:


nounPlural casevacs

mass nounmilitary slang
  • Evacuation of casualties by air.

    • ‘Development and conduct of several training exercises based on communications, search and rescue, force evacuation, mine incident and casevac scenarios.’
    • ‘He said casualties arrived mainly by casevac helicopters, usually after initial treatment at a field hospital.’
    • ‘As a result of Florence Nightingale's efforts in the Crimean campaign, casevac of wounded and sick personnel had been given increased importance.’
    • ‘Helicopters performed essential duties in medical evacuation, they were usually known as dustoffs, performing dustoff duty, or casevac (casualty evacuation).’
    • ‘‘The primary things we have been involved with have been operating with coalition quick reaction force aircraft, which they actually call ‘alert force’, so for casevac purposes and for recovery of specialist equipment.’

verbcasevaced, casevacs, casevacing

[with object]military slang
  • Evacuate (a casualty) by air.

    • ‘Delta Four was not out of trouble yet, coming under fire while casevacing wounded at the bunker system.’
    • ‘Rapidly casevaced by the Royal Air Force, he was given swift treatment that ultimately saved his life.’
    • ‘However, on the 3rd of February 1991 he was casevaced back to the UK and hospitalised.’
    • ‘I was casevacing his crew when we got hit and I have a miraculous story from that one.’
    • ‘The Trojan aircraft casevacing him had to take off in the dark.’


1950s: blend of casualty and evacuation.