Definition of case history in English:

case history


  • A record of a person's background or medical history kept by a doctor or social worker.

    • ‘Take a real case history: a 27 year old woman presents for a routine examination with a small lump on her breast.’
    • ‘Her general practitioner faxed an urgent letter (not a cancer referral) to the consultant, detailing the case history.’
    • ‘The infants were discharged on day five with no further problems noted in their case history.’
    • ‘If you suspect that you have a food allergy, you should contact your GP who will help determine whether you have an allergy by taking a detailed case history of your reactions; so the more details that you can give, the better.’
    • ‘Understanding the indicators of disease and differentiating between the likely causes entails taking a thorough case history and carrying out a good physical examination.’
    • ‘The chiropractor should first take a complete case history, including past medical history and any lifestyle factors (such as type of work or exercise) that might be affecting the patient's problem.’
    • ‘Two inconsistencies in the case history undermine the speculative diagnosis.’
    • ‘Rather than make an office appointment, I decided to send him an E-mail message outlining my case history and asking for either treatment recommendations or a referral.’
    • ‘When a diagnosis has to be made the entire case history is taken into account.’
    • ‘My initial session involved an in-depth examination of my case history.’
    • ‘A higher proportion of consultants now thought that including a summary of the case history in the consultant's letter was important.’
    • ‘Each of the five students was assigned a case history to present and discuss during the weekly one-hour teleconference session.’
    • ‘I offer a case history of a client, M, who is in his early 30's who is diagnosed as schizoaffective-bipolar, non-medication compliant, abuses alcohol and street drugs.’
    • ‘The case history does not mention the duration of zafirlukast therapy and does not provide information about prior use of corticosteroids.’
    • ‘Obtaining an accurate case history is essential to the diagnosis of hydatid disease.’
    • ‘That disturbing story was inspired by the real case history of a patient known in the medical literature only as ‘HM.’’
    • ‘His duties included acquiring gross pathologic specimens to document medical conditions suffered by American soldiers along with the case history.’
    • ‘The nub of his modest claim centred on a dramatic case history of a youth whose life was threatened by asthma.’
    • ‘In the second step, the mental health professional carefully reviews the case history, with range and type of records consulted depending on the referral question and legal issue.’
    • ‘Another well known non-linear method is small group, problem based learning, in which a case history forms the basis of an exploratory dialogue facilitated by the tutor, and an emerging action plan is worked out by a group of participants.’
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