Definition of case grammar in English:

case grammar


mass nounLinguistics
  • A form of grammar in which the structure of sentences is analysed in terms of semantic case relationships.

    • ‘Besides providing essential information on the semantic structures found in Dutch, it also makes available in one place a survey of the history, theory, and practice of case grammar with special reference to the work of several case grammarians.’
    • ‘This paper proposes a solution to the above issues based on reusable pattern techniques and a case grammar of natural-language processing techniques.’
    • ‘Has anyone studied the semantic differences between active, middle and passive in terms of case grammar?’
    • ‘However, case grammar is not a particularly good representation for use in parsing sentences that involve complex syntactic constructions.’
    • ‘The third example shows how the semantic information transmitted in a case grammar can be represented as a predicate.’