Definition of case conference in English:

case conference


  • A meeting of professionals such as teachers or social workers to discuss a particular case.

    • ‘And there was a child guidance clinic where I used to go and sit in on the case conferences and the staff discussions, and it just opened up a huge world for me.’
    • ‘This case conference addresses difficult management problems without singularly correct decisions; its object is not necessarily to seek consensus.’
    • ‘Tomorrow social services won't call another case conference because of domestic violence.’
    • ‘The Social Welfare Department spokesman said a multi-disciplinary case conference was held on March 5 to consider a report of suspected child abuse.’
    • ‘I nevertheless granted the adjournment and the settlement conference was converted to a case conference at which time I made the following order.’
    • ‘A case conference was held on November 21, 2003 to deal with outstanding undertakings and productions of documents in the hands of third parties and the timing of service of any further experts' reports.’
    • ‘At the plaintiff's counsel's request, a case conference was held on July 24th, 2002 and, at that time, the Court ordered that both actions be tried together or one after the other.’
    • ‘It is recommended that a review procedure be established for complaint investigation cases which in appropriate cases is linked to the role of the case conference.’
    • ‘It was also reported that on 11 January 2002 the core group from the case conference visited the home of [the first boy] who confirmed that you had taken him and three other children and no adults to a bonfire in Himley in Staffordshire.’
    • ‘On consent, the Trial Scheduling Court Date of February 2, 2005 is hereby adjourned to a date to be set at a future case conference.’
    • ‘At a case conference scheduled August 15, 2002, I set today's date for the hearing of the motion.’
    • ‘I presented him at a case conference, where we argued about the merits of treating him.’
    • ‘This was deemed to be inappropriate action by [the father] and Social Services were informed, and after an interval a case conference was convened.’
    • ‘Once full disclosure has been made, the issue of whether to treat the application as an action and whether there should be a trial of the issues can be determined at a case conference.’
    • ‘In addition, checks are made from local police intelligence to find, for example, details from a child protection case conference.’
    • ‘She also believed that Victoria would be followed up by surveillance and a multi-disciplinary case conference.’
    • ‘Her future was due to be decided at a case conference with social services.’
    • ‘Because the patient's wounds were not healing, her case was reviewed at the home health care agency's semi-monthly clinical case conference.’
    • ‘We were also not aware that each patient was subjected to an individual case conference with, possibly, unreproducible inclusion criteria.’
    • ‘This investigation confirmed recoarctation at the site of the first operation, although no urgency was perceived at that stage, and a case conference was convened of which a brief record survives.’