Definition of caryopsis in English:


nounPlural caryopses

  • A dry one-seeded fruit in which the ovary wall is united with the seed coat, typical of grasses and cereals.

    • ‘They grew from caryopses collected from populations submitted for more than 40 years to chronic irradiation with variable dose rates.’
    • ‘Immature caryopses were collected, surface-sterilized and rinsed twice with sterile distilled water.’
    • ‘Surface-sterilized caryopses were germinated on moist filter paper in Petri dishes on 13 September 1996.’
    • ‘Maize caryopses were immersed in tap water and then allowed to germinate in Petri dishes on moist filter paper in the dark at 26°C.’


Early 19th century: from modern Latin, from Greek karuon ‘nut’ + opsis ‘appearance’.