Definition of carvel-built in English:



  • (of a boat) having external planks which do not overlap.

    Compare with clinker-built
    • ‘The cutter was clinker-built and only cutters meant for foreign service were ever carvel-built.’
    • ‘Clencher-built vessels are much stronger, in proportion to their weight, than carvel-built ships.’
    • ‘They ship a great deal more water than the southern carvel-built ships, but they are stronger, in the sense that they are more elastic.’
    • ‘These are long narrow clinker or carvel-built vessels which in a heavy sea have a rather peculiar motion.’
    • ‘The original engine is still in the carvel-built yacht shown: this is a Stuart Turner single-cylinder petrol engine’
    • ‘Replacing a strake in a lapstrake boat is a little more difficult than it is with a carvel-built boat.’
    • ‘It is not known when carvel-built ships first appeared in northern Europe.’