Definition of cartwheel in English:



  • 1The wheel of a cart.

    • ‘The first and most likely type to have been used in the Saxon period, is basically a cartwheel mounted horizontally on a pivot, the wheel being rotated by hand or with a stick.’
    • ‘The archways and entrances on the town's streets are marked with limestone blocks for cartwheels to pass over, all worn with the passage of time, each archway unique in the shape and size of its own blocks.’
    • ‘Certain desirable objets such as old roof tiles, an ancient cartwheel, a granite water trough and other items we hardly thought of as portable disappeared one by one from the building site.’
  • 2A circular sideways handspring with the arms and legs extended.

    ‘he turned a cartwheel on the table’
    • ‘His routines now are far more daring than the cartwheels or even the basic somersaults that he learned with his first team, the Tallahassee Tumbling Tots.’
    • ‘She suddenly jumped into a handstand, followed by an array of back flips and cartwheels, making her way back from the stream.’
    • ‘‘I loved all the princesses, and I couldn't believe how the dancers could do somersaults and cartwheels on ice while dressed up in costume,’ she gushed afterwards.’
    • ‘The boy whizzed up the platform, yelling, jumping, turning cartwheels.’
    • ‘She had to do cartwheels and handstands, but was perfect.’
    • ‘Ella was racing around the room like a five year old doing cartwheels and somersaults across the carpeted floor.’
    • ‘The urge came over Owen to do something extremely unprofessional, cartwheels or somersaults in the office, anything to let out all of the pent up energy that had been welling up inside of him during this long, but fruitful day.’
    • ‘At age 74, she was more than capable of performing cartwheels and the splits!’
    • ‘Now aged 81, Keleti remains full of energy and is still able to turn cartwheels.’
    • ‘Their neighbor, an older woman, was impressed with the way six-year-old Nancy did the cartwheels and handstands her mother had taught her, and she offered to pay for gymnastics classes.’
    • ‘You are astonished to discover the man can do cartwheels, handstands and back flips.’
    • ‘I could have done handsprings and cartwheels down the aisles without hitting anybody.’
    • ‘Some days, I still get the urge to do a handstand or a free cartwheel or a series of split leaps.’
    • ‘He not only walked but ran, jogged, did summersaults, cartwheels, and other various things, but he was always moving.’
    • ‘I did a few crooked cartwheels and was attempting to do a handstand when he got up, shaking his head in amusement.’
    • ‘Level Three were the most difficult containing moves such as back flips, somersaults and full cartwheels.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, Yianna was doing handsprings, Frank was performing no-handed cartwheels and Toni was doing somersaults in mid-air.’
    • ‘Everyone applauded again as the jester set off around the room, spinning the baton and throwing it high in the air, time and time again, before doing a cartwheel or a somersault and catching it perfectly.’
    • ‘You get out to watch them and one kid's doing cartwheels over the ball, another's doing back flips.’
    • ‘Linked together, the one standing on the shoulders of the other, they turned cartwheels, and did flips and somersaults, launching themselves into the air.’


  • no object, with adverbial of direction Perform a cartwheel or cartwheels.

    ‘he cartwheeled across the room’
    • ‘I've gone and cartwheeled over my own feet and landed square on my head.’
    • ‘The sewer collapse happened before I got to San Francisco, but I still remember the impressive television news footage of that giant Tudor house cartwheeling in seconds into a giant hole and collapsing into a bunch of boards.’
    • ‘You're on a football pitch, not cartwheeling around a sawdust ring like a circus entertainer.’
    • ‘It is believed the plane cartwheeled across a rocky plateau before the starboard wing burst into flames.’
    • ‘An image rose in Dennis's head of women cartwheeling behind Sonny and John Wayne, their skin smooth and white, their bodies pinwheeling slowly into the glistening pool.’
    • ‘Male cheerleaders cartwheeled into Manchester in a bid to become world champions - with not a pompom in sight.’
    • ‘Charlotte blinked as Marta Cumming's tiny frame cartwheeled across the lawn.’
    • ‘Jade decided to practice her gymnastics and she cartwheeled over to the high dive.’
    • ‘In several places we each went sprawling, clawing at tufts of dead grass to stop ourselves from cartwheeling down the mountain.’
    • ‘When she wouldn't stop somersaulting and cartwheeling in the front room we decided to take her dancing.’
    • ‘But as I was coming in to land, I went through some turbulence and, as I tried to brake, one side of the canopy collapsed and I went cartwheeling out of control.’
    • ‘After several moments, he lunged forward, feinting a kick, but cartwheeled back as I lowered my hand to block.’
    • ‘I have several friends who sit down to watch a grand prix only to switch off once all the cars have negotiated the first corner without cartwheeling into the scenery.’
    • ‘It was a jolly good plan, Vernon decided, as he cartwheeled down the road to post his letter.’
    • ‘She began to sit up and he cartwheeled over her back, forcing her back on the ground.’
    • ‘The aircraft spun wildly before cartwheeling into the ground.’
    • ‘Hogan says he has seen badly breached roofs where the rooftop air-conditioning units had came unfastened and cartwheeled across the roof.’
    • ‘On one occasion the doctor was driving down St Aubyn Street when the flywheel came off, cartwheeled away and was lost.’
    • ‘Children danced by the bandstand and cartwheeled across the grass, while others enjoyed a picnic or stretched out to soak up the sunshine.’
    • ‘Chastity kicked her legs out from under her, but Miriam cartwheeled away, keeping her balance and landing lightly on her feet.’