Definition of cartophily in English:



mass noun
  • The collecting of picture cards, such as postcards or cigarette cards, as a hobby.

    • ‘Complete sets of MacDonald's cricketers or Taddy's clowns rank among the blue chips of cartophily.’
    • ‘So far, I am conscious that I may be painting an extremely rose-coloured picture of cartophily.’
    • ‘Steve Talbot's Cartophily Pages is a site dedicated to cartophily (the hobby of collecting cigarette cards), including a swap shop.’
    • ‘While cartophily is mainly associated with picture postcards, cigarette and trade cards, it is also applied to many other areas such as matchbox labels, stickers/transfers, menus and playing cards.’
    • ‘This is an informational site devoted to cartophily, the hobby of collecting cigarette and other trade cards, a particular interest of mine.’
    • ‘Cartophily bloomed in the early part of the 20th century as cartophily shops and clubs were formed to support the popular pastime.’


1930s: from French carte or Italian carta ‘card’ + -phily.