Definition of cartooning in English:



mass noun
  • The activity or occupation of drawing cartoons for newspapers or magazines.

    ‘he pursued a career in newspaper cartooning’
    • ‘The problem is, he's not even that good, which raises the question, why does he think he can make a career out of cartooning?’
    • ‘So when you were ensconced in the law firm, looking out at the world of journalism and cartooning in particular, what did you make of the outside world?’
    • ‘His twenties, he decided, would be the optimum time to burst out of cartooning for local papers and onto the national scene.’
    • ‘One of the reasons I stick to cartooning is because my traditional prose writing is so godforsakenly awful.’
    • ‘So my cartooning started as absurd, funny, inventive little drawings, not really political but very much satirical.’
    • ‘The difference between blogging and mass-media cartooning is like the difference between a glass of whisky in front of a fire with an old friend, and talking to a hundred random people in a nightclub.’
    • ‘Now, don't think that the art of cartooning is solely an American phenomenon.’
    • ‘The current storyline in the Zippy the Pinhead newspaper strip has its cartoonist, Bill Griffith, lecturing Zippy on the art of cartooning.’
    • ‘Eventually (i'd say about three to five years), we'll figure out exactly how to do it right, to balance between realism and cartooning.’
    • ‘Political cartooning is seen as something of a dark art.’
    • ‘Described as ‘Escher meets Charles Schulz,’ this is the first in a series that explores the nebulous connection between modern art and cartooning.’
    • ‘Sometimes I'm more into the cartooning; sometimes the writing dominates.’
    • ‘As the hours went by, the children became relaxed and confident and giggled and laughed at the art of cartooning.’
    • ‘A tradition of illustration and cartooning runs unbroken and often unnoticed through the undergrowth of culture.’
    • ‘Those deft at collage, pencil-sketching and cartooning had a great time.’
    • ‘Strip cartooning is no job for an old man, he reflects.’
    • ‘I live with someone who collects trashy pop art, and it's very akin to my cartooning.’
    • ‘Starting a career in political cartooning is a tricky business.’
    • ‘The weird thing about cartooning is - and I compare it to poetry and short-story writing - is that the rewards are similar.’
    • ‘To recognise Ramamurthy's contribution to the society and the art of cartooning, the Karnataka Cartoonists Association has proposed a museum of his original cartoons.’