Definition of cartographer in English:



  • A person who draws or produces maps.

    ‘a cartographer in the British army’
    • ‘To date, neuroscientists, like cartographers, have created maps of the brain.’
    • ‘Ortelius was the first to note the reference sources for his maps by mentioning other cartographers.’
    • ‘In her third dream, she was a cartographer, whose great desire was to create a Map of Shadows.’
    • ‘The early cartographers may have been unknowing surrealists when they made a tiny island off the coast of Ireland and called it Brazil.’
    • ‘He claims that the English cartographers must readjust their maps to account for such a large mass of land in between Japan and California.’
    • ‘Some were likely produced in workshops where a well-established cartographer supervised the work of assistants and signed the finished product.’
    • ‘This is a fictional place outside the terms of real geographies and maps, spaces named by colonial rulers and mapped by colonial cartographers.’
    • ‘Amateur cartographers, who often relied on hearsay, could value aesthetic appeal above geographical reality.’
    • ‘Another outstanding presentation atlas was drawn by a Portuguese cartographerin 1575.’
    • ‘Skilled cartographers then laid the information collected onto gridded paper at a central office in Dublin.’