Definition of cartload in English:



  • 1The amount held by a cart.

    ‘a cartload of hay’
    • ‘Fernando Noronha arrived at Junction Point Charlie with his wife Francisca, five of his nine children, the family dog and a cartload of belongings.’
    • ‘A cartload of bricks is worth about 200 yuan.’
    • ‘Indeed for his wedding to Isabella of Portugal in 1430 fifteen cartloads of tapestries, 50 loads of furnishings and jewels, and fifteen more of arms and armour were brought to Bruges for the wedding.’
    • ‘It was 5.30 pm and he was hurrying to the local recycling centre to sell his cartload of scrap paper before it closed at six.’
    • ‘Here there are fewer cars and more ponies and traps are required to haul entire families of up to a dozen, cartloads of household appliances or mountains of hay or grass.’
    • ‘Ten million cartloads of dirt, trees, shrubs, and plants lay the foundation for what the park is today.’
    • ‘The result of which is Wei's documentation of peasants out in a demolition site salvaging cartloads of bricks, sold for basically nothing, to be used to build China's new cities.’
    • ‘Within a fortnight of the President's exhortation to agricultural scientists, farmers dumped cartloads of tomato on the streets.’
    • ‘But, when in the cacophony of sirens and horns, just past Ludhiana, a donkey dragging a heavy cartload, just froze, there was nothing to do but wait.’
    • ‘Set in the 17th century, it is the story of a stubborn old woman trying to keep herself and her children alive during the 30 - Years War by following armies with a cartload of scavenged goods to sell to the soldiers.’
    • ‘Barrow-wheeling icers follow, sliding in their cartloads of crushed ice.’
    • ‘It's so good-looking and cheap you walk out with a cartload of stuff and feel richer than when you went in.’
    • ‘Hearing of the huge demands, Siamese both wealthy and poor brought cartloads of jewels, precious metals and every valuable possible to the Royal Palace and offered it to His Majesty to keep the French out of Siam.’
    • ‘They spend most of August celebrating their triumphant return with elaborate parties complete with funny hats, traditional songs and, of course, cartloads of crayfish.’
    • ‘The Patriarch Heraclius and his priests each paid their ten dinars, then left the city laden with gold and silver and relics by the cartload.’
    • ‘Poortman searched Sam Po Kong Temple in Semarang and confiscated three cartloads of documents written in Chinese, some of which were 400 to 500 years old.’
    1. 1.1informal A large quantity or number of people or things.
      ‘drunken yobbos who turned up by the cartload’
      • ‘Hillary could get cartloads of Cartiers and diamonds from De Beers too, if she were to let her standards slip.’
      • ‘Daily, books come by the cartload to Ms. Klausner's Atlanta home, putting her at odds with the mailman, the UPS delivery guy and her husband, Stan, a business analyst for the Army.’
      • ‘He also trundled documents by the cartload to ‘dead drops’ in various suburbs around Washington.’
      • ‘So after TV I did drop-ins, and then I went to the Cleveland airport and signed a whole cartload of books at the bookstore there.’
      • ‘Damien ate cartloads of food every day - I bore witness to that - but never gained the body mass to prove it.’
      • ‘I could see my mother hauling stuff away by the cartload - if she had the space for it.’
      • ‘This also means that the restaurant I am eating in does not purchase cartloads of frozen fish to ensure that they will never run out of the fish listed on the menu.’
      • ‘There were musicians on the street corner and a merchant hawking every imaginable good; jewelry, dresses, perfumes, fruits and nuts by the cartload.’
      • ‘And if you have cartloads of them and don't have the heart to throw them away, TNT India has the prefect solution for those old greeting cards.’