Definition of carter in English:



  • See cart

    • ‘The Chairman said a fine of 5s would be imposed, and he hoped it would be a lesson to other carters, for any further case would be more strictly dealt with.’
    • ‘One of the first cuts made was a lowering in the price paid for wood delivered at the mine by carters and cutters.’
    • ‘The pond, which years ago used to be used by carters to dampen their wheels and by residents to wash their clothes, has been the home of a family of ducks for some years’
    • ‘On a thirsty day, unscrupulous carters were known to extract a free drink from a keg of porter by boring a small hole through the bung, inserting a goose quill and sucking some of the contents.’
    • ‘He reminded carters that Mintaro was a very desirable place as there was an abundance of feed and water.’