Definition of carse in English:



mass nounScottish
  • Fertile lowland beside a river.

    • ‘Photography, nature and Scotland go hand in hand and in this gallery of pictures of Scotland, the power of nature can be seen on her mountains, glens, straths and carses.’
    • ‘This fully expresses one characteristic of the stream, which, in former times, fetched many serpentine sweeps in its passage through the carses.’
    • ‘J. Mackay, writes of the Kingdom's ‘howes and carses watered by the Leven and the Ore and the sunny sides of the Forth and Tay’.’
    • ‘At not much over 1300 ft, Dumyat nevertheless offers extensive views over the great carse of Stirling - a flat flood plain extending to the River Forth.’
    • ‘When the carses were a morass, the narrow space between them and the Lennox hills afforded the chief, if not the only line of communication between the northern and southern parts of the island, nearly cut asunder by the Friths of Clyde and Forth.’


Middle English: perhaps an alteration of carrs, plural of carr.