Definition of carry weight in English:

carry weight


  • Be influential.

    ‘the report is expected to carry considerable weight with the administration’
    • ‘Each of these individuals has an opinion about what use should be made of the museum's limited funds, and their opinions carry weight.’
    • ‘‘To be honest, the religious endorsement carried weight, and this upset the other candidates,’ he admitted.’
    • ‘India's words will carry weight, its actions will move mountains.’
    • ‘They carry weight because of their experience, and the expectation that they speak with the voice of disinterested patriotism.’
    • ‘Citizens throughout the region will increasingly demand that their votes carry weight, and that elected representatives be given real authority.’
    • ‘These are considered voices and ones which carry weight.’
    • ‘His views would carry weight across the political spectrum.’
    • ‘But why do they think their opinion carries weight?’
    • ‘You know, I agree to a certain degree that, yes, the way we dress, the way that we present ourselves in their society does carry weight.’
    • ‘He has since left the company, but his view may still carry weight.’
    predominate, prevail, reign, be prevalent, be paramount, be pre-eminent, be most important, be influential, be significant, be of consequence, be of account, count, matter, signify, carry weight, bulk large
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