Definition of carry something through in English:

carry something through

phrasal verb

  • 1Bring a project to completion.

    ‘policy blueprints are rarely carried through perfectly’
    • ‘They have carried it through and have shown real enthusiasm throughout the project.’
    • ‘This is an ambitious project and we need your help to carry it through.’
    • ‘It is not possible to predict whether such a project will be carried through, or whether compromises and threats will prevent such a formal split.’
    • ‘But I don't want to start a project and not be able to carry it through.’
    • ‘Since this is a once-off project, it is vital that it is carried through as completely as possible with the full co-operation of all.’
    • ‘Most importantly, we have a lot of dedication and the sheer tenacity to carry this project through.’
    • ‘We rely on those who have the vision and the skills to carry ideas through to completion.’
    • ‘Because he was not in a position to carry the review through to its conclusion he left early.’
    • ‘Although several individuals had been keen to buy the house, their plans always foundered when he questioned whether they had the financial resources to carry the project through.’
    • ‘So coming from a man who's made good ideas into good business, what does it take to carry a bright idea through to completion?’
    achieve, accomplish, carry out, succeed in, realize, attain, manage, bring off, carry off, carry through, execute, conduct, fix, engineer, perform, do, perpetrate, discharge, fulfil, complete, finish, consummate, conclude
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    1. 1.1 Bring something safely out of difficulties.
      ‘he was the only person who could carry the country through’
      • ‘Despite the company's current difficulties it's their marketing focus that will carry them through, he said.’
      • ‘An unprecedented boom followed American independence, and with periodic fluctuations it carried the new nation through the first half of the next century.’
      • ‘While consumers carried the economy through the recession, execs are now taking the lead in generating growth.’
      • ‘Though the plot has the unmistakable ring of familiarity, strong acting and directing carry the film through occasional missteps.’
      • ‘Businesses are taking steps to keep cash from going out the door, and they are bringing in fresh money by borrowing to create a cushion to carry them through hard times.’