Definition of carry something out in English:

carry something out

phrasal verb

  • Perform a task.

    ‘we're carrying out a market-research survey’
    • ‘One thousand telephone surveys have been carried out by an independent market research company as well as getting feedback and comments from local people.’
    • ‘We were there to do an important task and to carry it out to the best of our ability with the equipment we had.’
    • ‘All services have to be carried out with reasonable care and skill.’
    • ‘Many investigations have been carried out to study the effects of dehydration on physiological function.’
    • ‘Both units will remain open until a review of services has been carried out.’
    • ‘The operation will be carried out while you are under general anaesthetic.’
    • ‘Our inquiries are being carried out strictly in accordance with UK law and procedures.’
    • ‘However, they had no information on who carried out the actual ambush.’
    • ‘Our society can only benefit from archaeological exploration if its work is carried out with a deeper respect for the ancient dead.’
    • ‘It is a difficult job and only trained and experienced individuals can effectively carry it out.’
    conduct, perform, implement, execute, discharge, bring about, bring off, effect
    fulfil, carry through, implement, execute, effect, discharge, perform, honour, redeem, make good
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