Definition of carry all before one in English:

carry all before one


  • Overcome all opposition.

    ‘at the beginning of the decade the party seemed to carry all before them’
    • ‘England have shown they are a match for a team that had previously carried all before them.’
    • ‘Both girls are key members of the all conquering Charlestown under-14 girls football which has carried all before them this season to date.’
    • ‘League results too were inconsistent, a far remove from those heady early days of 1966 when the Blues carried all before them.’
    • ‘His unbounded ambition and ruthless cruelty carry all before him.’
    • ‘This time a short penalty, just metres out, allowed the prop to thunder through the defence carrying all before him.’
    • ‘Pinsent and Cracknell, Olympic heroes from Sydney, were supposed to carry all before them in the pairs.’
    • ‘Last season they joined the Premiership from the league below and carried all before them, finishing fifth and qualifying for Europe.’
    • ‘A chancellor who had carried all before him, and managed to ride roughshod over the rest of the cabinet no longer seemed invulnerable.’
    • ‘It was only with victory in the 1982 Falklands War that she began to carry all before her.’
    • ‘In his absence, the Trojans carried all before them, at one point even threatening to burn the Greek ships.’