Definition of carrot fly in English:

carrot fly


  • A small fly whose larvae are a widespread pest of carrots, burrowing into the roots.

    Psila rosae, family Psilidae

    • ‘An organic box delivered to your door, earth, slugs, carrot fly and all, offers a better deal for British farmers.’
    • ‘Plant it among the cabbages and with onions and carrots to repel carrot fly.’
    • ‘I leave sowing carrots until June to avoid the first attack of carrot fly, but children will eat them at any size and a row sown now will be far enough on before the roots have become woodwormed by the larvae.’
    • ‘Late carrots can be planted now that the first hatch of carrot fly has passed.’
    • ‘Sow carrots for autumn use, they are less liable to attack by carrot fly at this time of year.’
    • ‘The same treatment will keep the carrot fly away from that crop.’