Definition of carrot-and-stick in English:



  • (of a method of persuasion or coercion) characterized by both the offer of reward and the threat of punishment.

    ‘a carrot-and-stick approach’
    • ‘The campaign to identify defaulters - offshore and onshore - has been remarkably successful and is based on the carrot-and-stick approach.’
    • ‘It is choosing to adopt a carrot-and-stick approach - stressing the legal requirement, but pointing out that being more welcoming to disabled customers makes business sense too.’
    • ‘It might be possible to affect this choice by various carrot-and-stick measures.’
    • ‘It's a carrot-and-stick philosophy we use here.’
    • ‘In order to curtail consumption, Argentine officials have proposed a carrot-and-stick approach, rewarding households and firms that use energy at a level 95% or below of what they drew upon the preceding year.’
    • ‘Says Spencer: ‘We have argued in the past that a carrot-and-stick approach to savings and pensions would be best, with compulsion and tax relief focused at the lower end of the income scale.’’
    • ‘The international community can play its part by using a carrot-and-stick approach towards the country with respect to monetary aid.’
    • ‘It was clear from his presentation that the carrot-and-stick methods of welfare delivery worked.’
    • ‘Berman said the carrot-and-stick strategy is showing signs of paying off with the number of infringed music files on peer to peer sites in decline, and awareness growing among consumers that file-sharing is a criminal activity.’
    • ‘‘The project uses a carrot-and-stick approach to bring about change throughout the entire industry,’ says Todd Larson of Coop America.’
    • ‘A carrot-and-stick approach must be followed if the Executive is to meet its target.’
    • ‘The strategy takes a carrot-and-stick approach to change.’
    • ‘The Council's battle against dropping butts is to be carried out in a carrot-and-stick manner.’
    • ‘The council has chosen to interpret this by a carrot-and-stick approach, giving us the option to recycle our garden waste but reducing the normal collections to fortnightly (stick).’
    • ‘Under the carrot-and-stick scheme, all civil servants are required to improve their performance or face penalties.’
    • ‘They drew upon a pre-existing fund of conservatism amongst some peasants and workers, while carrot-and-stick methods encouraged many more to join.’
    • ‘Instead, they often employed a carrot-and-stick method by lightening heavy classical programs with occasional sentimental songs drawn from folk culture.’
    • ‘Lyle advocates a carrot-and-stick approach that could shock people into putting money aside.’
    • ‘The carrot-and-stick approach being adopted by Bradford West City Community Housing Trust is a commendable attempt to improve the quality of life for its tenants and encourage responsible citizenship.’
    • ‘The carrot-and-stick strategy at first seemed ingenious or at least crafty.’