Definition of carronade in English:



  • A short large-calibre cannon, formerly in naval use.

    • ‘And if they dumped the carronades here, it means the Southern Princess is here too, a complete wreck of a 200-ton early nineteenth-century whaler.’
    • ‘In addition to remarkable administrative and strategic abilities, Middleton was also instrumental in getting the Royal Navy to adopt carronades and coppered hulls.’
    • ‘He was still outnumbered by 18 ships to 16, but thanks to his mighty carronades (large-calibre cannons) - built on the banks of the Forth - the British prevailed.’
    • ‘The officer in charge then fired a carronade (a small signalling cannon) to disperse them.’
    • ‘In fact, the vessel carried a mixed battery of up to fifty guns, including a main battery of long 24-pounders and short carronades, which could fire a heavier 32-pound ball for a much shorter distance.’


Late 18th century: from Carron, near Falkirk in Scotland, where this kind of cannon was first made.