Definition of carrier shell in English:

carrier shell


  • A mollusc of warm seas which camouflages itself by cementing shell fragments and pebbles to its shell.

    Family Xenophoridae, class Gastropoda: Xenophora and other genera

    • ‘In this case, it is assumed the sponge does the attaching rather than the carrier shell, although this is by no means certain.’
    • ‘They are bivalves and really cool carrier shells.’
    • ‘Right, a similar carrier shell shows numerous small shells cemented in place around the edges of each whorl.’
    • ‘We marvel at the internal intricacy of a well-decorated carrier shell and its adornments.’
    • ‘Later I found myself in a veritable colony of carrier shells, Xenophora conchyliophora, each sporting a little green garden on its back.’