Definition of carrier bag in English:

carrier bag


  • A plastic or paper bag with handles, especially one supplied by a shop to carry goods purchased there.

    • ‘She opened the safe, and gave the robber two bags each containing 500 £1 coins, which went into a carrier bag.’
    • ‘They were seen entering the shop with an empty carrier bag and filling it with the clothes.’
    • ‘After the burglary he threw the carrier bag, the purse and balaclava into the canal.’
    • ‘He was carrying a carrier bag and took out a pair of gloves and what appeared to be a baseball bat.’
    • ‘He was also carrying a plastic carrier bag which was gripped in his fist.’
    • ‘‘We went in to a shop and the owner gave him a carrier bag and told him to go and pick loads of sweets,’ she said.’
    • ‘She handed Sarah a carrier bag filled with herbs and then a separate piece of paper.’
    • ‘He bundles it up in a brown carrier bag and takes it home.’
    • ‘Entrants will be able to buy a carrier bag containing local fruit and vegetables from a greengrocer in the town, a percentage of the cost going to the charity.’
    • ‘I take my old sandals off and push them into a plastic carrier bag, then stick my feet into a pair of fashionable shoes I bought with last week's pay.’
    • ‘Then their guide took out a plastic carrier bag and started tossing chunks of raw meat over the side of the bridge, down towards the crocodiles.’
    • ‘Police were awaiting the results of forensic tests on the gun, which was found in a plastic carrier bag.’
    • ‘I walked through Bradford city centre recently and would have been hard-pressed to fill a carrier bag with litter.’
    • ‘Sadly when I went back an hour or so later they had put all the sandwich wrappers in a carrier bag then dumped it on the grass along with five Coca cola cans.’
    • ‘I take one bag for shoes and another for clothes, and I carry my hats on board in a carrier bag.’
    • ‘She noticed for the first time that one of them was carrying a plastic carrier bag.’
    • ‘The librarian greets me, then introduces my audience, a solitary lady clutching a carrier bag.’
    • ‘All four men made off with the cash in a carrier bag.’
    • ‘Martin went round in circles clutching his carrier bag of clothes in one hand and his leather satchel of papers in the other.’
    • ‘It turns out that he's gone round the corner to a Victorian market, returning with a carrier bag containing a top hat, a bowler hat and a bright red feather boa.’
    receptacle, container
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carrier bag