Definition of carriageway in English:



  • 1Each of the two sides of a dual carriageway or motorway, each of which usually have two or more lanes.

    ‘the eastbound carriageway of the M4’
    • ‘Junction 16 was closed to prevent further traffic joining the motorway and lane three in both carriageways remained closed overnight.’
    • ‘Until then, the contraflow system on the westbound carriageway allowing a single lane of traffic in each direction will continue.’
    • ‘Traffic coming into town on Charter Row will be diverted onto the outgoing side of the carriageway for approximately nine weeks of the project.’
    • ‘On Sunday the cones will be changed and work will start on the other side of the eastbound carriageway.’
    • ‘Lane three of the eastbound carriageway was closed while police towed away the white van.’
    • ‘Commuters faced delays after lanes on both carriageways were closed.’
    • ‘Suddenly the coach crossed the central reservation and collided with a public light bus travelling in the inner lane of the eastbound carriageway.’
    • ‘Two lanes of the eastbound carriageway also had to be closed because of debris and to allow access for the emergency services.’
    • ‘The road in this study is about 100 km long, with dual 2-lane carriageways apart from the first 5 km that are 3-lane carriageways.’
    • ‘Work will resume after the Easter weekend, which will mean a brief return to single lane carriageways during parts of the day.’
    • ‘The outside lane of the northbound carriageway was closed for half an hour while recovery teams cleared away the debris.’
    • ‘As things began moving more quickly, we passed the accident on the other side of the carriageway.’
    • ‘You will also notice that motorway exits can be on either side of a carriageway.’
    • ‘The motorway's eastbound carriageway was closed for seven hours while the rescue and clear-up operations took place.’
    • ‘One lane of the northbound carriageway was closed while emergency services dealt with the accident.’
    • ‘The smash happened at 11 am on Monday on the eastbound carriageway about half a mile from Junction 15.’
    • ‘The eastbound carriageway was reduced to two lanes while collision investigators examined the scene.’
    • ‘Two lanes of the eastbound carriageway were reopened at about 9am but one lane remained shut as workers continued to remove vehicles from the scene.’
    • ‘Police had to close two lanes of the westbound carriageway, a mile short of Junction 17 so that debris from the accident could be cleared.’
    • ‘The woman landed in the middle lane of the eastbound carriageway, but, miraculously, she wasn't hit by a vehicle.’
    half, part
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    1. 1.1 The part of a road intended for vehicles rather than pedestrians.
      • ‘Emergency crews were called to the Clacton bound carriageway, where two vehicles had collided.’
      • ‘The new road joins the old carriageway at Mount Falcon and continues on the former route to Foxford.’
      • ‘The increase in vehicles and the reduced carriageway made it difficult for them to move along the city roads.’
      • ‘Debris from the crash was scattered over the carriageway, and the road between the two roundabouts was closed.’
      • ‘In a split second, the vehicle moved to the side of the road before hitting the kerb and going off the carriageway, smashing through a fence and down an embankment.’
      • ‘The appellant was walking towards her on the side of the roadway but near the edge of the bitumen carriageway.’
      • ‘People in Kirkfields want a priority traffic system with carriageway narrowing and road humps to slow drivers down.’
      • ‘All carriageways of the road, which is near the busy intersection with the M6, were reopened by 2.30 pm yesterday.’
      • ‘The southbound carriageways of both roads remained unaffected.’
      • ‘The bus smashed into the rear of the lorry which had been parked in a bay on the London-bound carriageway of London Road.’
      • ‘The cameras are positioned on each carriageway after the pedestrian crossing and entrance to the retail park.’
      • ‘The road carriageway is anticipated to be complete and operational by end of April this year.’
      • ‘The mandatory cycle lane would stretch along Belmont Rise and would be situated directly on the carriageway, rather than on the path at the side of the busy road.’
      • ‘Mr Hobson is right, in my judgment, to concede that the Commissioners did not have the power to set Barton Road as a public carriageway.’
      • ‘The kerbside on the south bound section of the carriageway between Linden Road and Union Street is littered with old cars.’
      • ‘However, he struck the kerb, lost control of his car and travelled across the carriageway leaving the road on the right.’
      • ‘A spokeswoman for Clacton police said the Clacton-bound lorry had got stuck in the central reservation of the road blocking both carriageways.’
      • ‘The lady driver deftly swung the vehicle back onto the carriageway and we sped up the Lisburn Road.’
      • ‘We also live on the fourth floor of a block of flats overlooking Mile End Road, a duel carriageway.’
      • ‘Road sweepers were drafted in to clear the carriageway while damaged vehicles were recovered.’