Definition of carriage return in English:

carriage return

(also carriage return key)


  • another term for return (sense 5 of the noun)
    • ‘Rather than formatting paragraphs, why not use carriage return repeatedly?’
    • ‘The carriage return is low, straight and unfussy so it can tuck inside.’
    • ‘This program can be set to automatically insert a hard carriage return when your text has reached 65 characters.’
    • ‘Not to mention all those glorious noises, the clang and clatter, the rhythmic ring of the carriage return.’
    • ‘Chadwick says: ‘With a typewriter you had the luxury of changing the paper and hitting the carriage return but with a computer your hands rarely move away from the keyboard.’’
    • ‘The modern return key is just a replacement for the satisfying swish of the carriage return lever.’
    • ‘The court reporter taps on a manual typewriter - you can hear the separate sound when he presses the shift key for upper case letters, and when he slides the carriage return brrrrrrrrrrr along its track.’
    • ‘What with the heavy nature of the machines and the need to imprint through three layers of carbons, a strong stroke was needed on each key and a firm arm to whack the carriage return.’