Definition of carriage dog in English:

carriage dog


  • archaic term for Dalmatian (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘Over the years, Dalmatians have been hunters, carriage dogs, firehouse dogs, and rescue dogs.’
    • ‘With its purpose as a carriage dog so important, the Dalmatian should have the ability to trot long distances alongside a coach.’
    • ‘The Dalmatian is often thought of as a British dog, mainly because of its popularity as a carriage dog in the 18th century, but in fact it actually originated in Yugoslavia.’
    • ‘Dalmatians are thought to have been developed as carriage dogs in the Croatian Region of Dalmatia.’
    • ‘In England during the 1800s, the Dalmatian was a carriage dog, used to guard its master and carriage.’


Early 19th century: because Dalmatians were formerly trained to run behind carriages as guard dogs.