Definition of carping in English:



  • Difficult to please; critical.

    ‘she has silenced the carping critics with a successful debut tour’
    • ‘There is no carping on why leave was not given for that in the House today.’
    • ‘More evidence that Reality TV is among the best programming online, despite the carping that it's destroying western civilization.’
    • ‘In fact, there is every reason to believe there are greater opportunities for carping over differences than leveraging common cause into shared success.’
    • ‘That is what he should be doing, instead of sitting in here carping away like a schoolboy who has not yet started shaving.’
    • ‘These humiliating fiascoes set the media off clucking and carping.’
    • ‘I like the big, strong, epic effect in the theatre a lot more than plays in which people sit around carping at each other.’
    • ‘It is a Budget about the carping minorities that have captured Labour.’
    • ‘At the same time, there is also the opposite danger of turning people into endless carping critics of the Mass rather than worshippers.’
    • ‘We are talking about gurus, and people are taking turns carping about their sexuality, their money, their vanity.’
    • ‘Plus the need to cast aside the carping which has suggested this is the wrong golfing event, at the wrong time of year.’
    • ‘This carping is an odious theme we hear constantly from Angela.’
    • ‘And there's always a lot of sniping and carping in the newsroom and by the water cooler.’
    • ‘In reviewing such a wide-ranging and successful study, calls for still more work are bound to sound carping.’
    • ‘Seldom have I heard such a mob of carping whingers.’
    • ‘On the whole, I'd say that all this carping about liberalism on campus tends to accomplish very little.’
    • ‘I want to avoid too carping a tone here.’
    • ‘I'll probably do something similar soon; for the moment, my carping commentary on his list will have to suffice.’
    • ‘One way to counter it is by carping at the limited character of the data.’
    • ‘Passion for revelation, lighting fires in the minds, will be ruined by cross-cultural carping.’
    • ‘Not once had Harry felt his spiritual bond with Satchidananda enhanced by all the carping, however edifyingly paternal it was meant to be.’