Definition of carpet python in English:

carpet python

(also carpet snake)


  • A common large Australian climbing snake that is typically brightly patterned.

    Morelia spilota, family Pythonidae.

    • ‘Jungle pythons, carpet pythons, gecko lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes and cockroaches all now live in a specially insulated garage at the bottom of his garden.’
    • ‘I have two dogs, including a black Russian, a sun conure, and a carpet python over two meters long.’
    • ‘Other contributing displays were provided by NT Wildlife Park, also sponsored by Coonawarra Ship's Fund, which brought a carpet python and a blue tongue lizard for people to view up close.’
    • ‘The herpetologist (reptile collector) recently entered his prize-winning carpet snake in the Wild Australia Expo at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney.’
    • ‘We've got over thirty horses, six dogs, two goats and one carpet snake…’
    • ‘The Wuturu hold that the carpet snake owns the water of the Australian desert, and the traditional O'odham believe that every water source has a serpent-god, a corúa, to watch over it.’