Definition of carpet knight in English:

carpet knight


  • A man who avoids hard work in favour of leisure activities or philandering.

    • ‘Wood says that Elizabeth chose some people for high office because of their skill at dancing: ‘… an outstanding Galliard dancer was no carpet knight.’
    • ‘What might have been the result it is not easy to say; Sir Jacques had no carpet knight to deal with in Don Diego; but the king ended the business by refusing permission to the combatants to finish their fight.’
    • ‘What would the Round Table be without the best carpet knight in town?’
    • ‘While showing his devotion to his God and his neighbor, Louis entertained no insuperable aversion to buckling on the mail of a warrior; and when he mounted his steed and laid his lance in rest, his foes found him " no carpet knight.’’
    • ‘He was an obtuse Legitimist, a besotted zealot, a carpet knight and former member of the Mixed Commissions of 1851.’


Late 16th century: with reference to a knight's exploits being restricted to a carpeted boudoir, instead of to the field of battle.