Definition of carpet beetle in English:

carpet beetle


  • A small beetle whose larva (the woolly bear) is destructive to carpets, fabrics, and other materials.

    Genus Anthrenus, family Dermestidae

    • ‘Buzz showcases nearly seventy of Steger's favorite models, many of them bugs one might find around the house, from carpet beetles to fruit flies.’
    • ‘He admitted to not having hoovered his carpet for 5 months (and they found carpet beetles in it, ugh!’
    • ‘Clothes moths and carpet beetles often destroy woolen clothing, furs, rugs and furniture.’
    • ‘The carpet beetles, the feathered beetles, things even strangely called cigarette beetles, I guess they must have gobbled up people's cigarettes while they were sitting in their pocket.’
    • ‘A number of insects that live within birds' nests can find their way indoors - such as carpet beetles, house moths, spider beetles and the martin bug.’
    • ‘In addition, ants, carpet beetles, flies and cockroaches may find their way to the comb to feed and reproduce.’
    • ‘Several types of beetles (cigarette beetles and carpet beetles and relatives) also will feed on spices.’
    • ‘But most of my observations of plants and animals (not counting carpet beetles, silverfish, and cockroaches) take place in public parks and gardens.’