Definition of carpet in English:



  • 1A floor covering made from thick woven fabric.

    ‘the house has fitted carpets throughout’
    mass noun ‘the floor was covered with carpet’
    • ‘Throughout the country, floors and walls are lined with carpets and fabric hangings.’
    • ‘Some insurers will not make deductions for carpets or floor coverings which are five years or even ten years old.’
    • ‘He shook his head, staring at the tan carpet covering his floor.’
    • ‘The team can fit grab-rails on staircases and in doorways, fix defective carpets or floor coverings, remove trailing wires and generally reduce trip hazards.’
    • ‘There was a thick carpet on the floor and tapestries on the wall.’
    • ‘If you think it is caused by house dust mites then throw away your carpets, wash the floors every day and vacuum afterwards, even vacuuming your bedclothes.’
    • ‘The walls were panelled in wood, the floor covered in carpets decorated with curlicues to rival any Persian rug.’
    • ‘Tapestries covered the walls and the carpets covered the floors, overlapping everywhere so that every surface was cushioned and every sound muffled.’
    • ‘The walls appeared to have been painted recently and a well-worn carpet covered the floor.’
    • ‘We had to rip up wooden floors, as well as floors that had carpet or other covering.’
    • ‘We know the guys who rolled up the carpets and washed the floor of the house they had to occupy, so they could return it in good condition to its owners.’
    • ‘All four bedrooms on the first floor, as well as the entrance hall and bathroom, have wooden floors covered by carpets.’
    • ‘Fitted carpets, curtains, business furniture and equipment are included in the sale.’
    • ‘A reproduction of the original Brussels weave carpet covers the floors and a mixture of objects of different styles and epochs furnish the room.’
    • ‘A white carpet covered the whole floor and everything was in place just the way he wanted.’
    • ‘He had stripped back the plastered walls to the marble and put up Japanese wall-hangings; he ripped up the thick fur carpet and covered the floor with black stone.’
    • ‘A beautiful dark wooden table dominated its center, with fine paneling covering the walls, and a thick carpet on the floor.’
    • ‘There are no fitted carpets in the house and the ledges are reduced in size so that dust surfaces are reduced.’
    • ‘The house has double-glazed windows throughout, and fitted curtains and carpets are included in the sale.’
    • ‘A thick carpet covered the floor in a style that she didn't immediately recognize.’
    1. 1.1 A large rug, especially an oriental one.
      ‘priceless Persian carpets’
      • ‘The floor was of hard wood and an ornate, oriental-designed carpet laid across most of the floor.’
      • ‘The curtains are silk and there are oriental rugs and carpets.’
      • ‘Furthermore, all the historic carpets of Usak were placed in the museum by the local mufti when some carpets were stolen from the mosques of Usak.’
      • ‘The world-renowned carpets of Chiprovtsi, woven on vertical looms, outdo Turkish, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese carpets.’
      • ‘Only an oriental type of carpet with red background and a yellow border with little stick figures and such overlapped it.’
      • ‘These are generally referred to as ‘carpet pages’ because it is thought that they were inspired by oriental woven carpets.’
      rug, mat, matting, floor covering, runner, drugget
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    2. 1.2 A thick or soft expanse or layer of something.
      ‘carpets of wood anemones and bluebells’
      • ‘It is a gift from Mother Nature: to be able to see this panorama of denuded trees and carpets of red and gold.’
      • ‘The Park will soon be studded with musical fountains, carpets of grass, surgically spruced-up trees and dustbins at regular intervals.’
      • ‘The events themselves were described as consisting of night-long dancing to rhythmical sound carpets of purely electronic music.’
      • ‘But it's certainly made itself at home, forming thick carpets of shells on the seafloor, crowding out indigenous species.’
      • ‘The glossy leaves of soapwort and finely textured carpets of Turkish speedwell stay green for most of the winter.’
      • ‘Some range into Alaska and the Yukon, where thick carpets of morels grow in burns accessible only by helicopter, floatplane, or river raft.’
      • ‘The carpets of green moss coil like thick rope over the boulders.’
      • ‘The meandering path was littered with conifer branches, layered with a thick carpet of fresh golden straw.’
      • ‘The Burren's gold is obvious - the simple carpets of cowslips in April and the 24-carat Cartier rockroses in June.’
      • ‘The peat soil supports blanket bog vegetation dominated by carpets of Sphagnum mosses, cotton-grasses and heather.’
      • ‘I crunched on over carpets of broken mussel shells, passing a big rusted ship's anchor lying tines up, and clambered up from the causeway on to the slope of the Inner Head.’
      • ‘Oddities apart, visitors to the island are currently enjoying the annual spring spectacles of throngs of nesting seabirds and carpets of bluebells.’
      • ‘The carpets of green lead me eventually to the big bloodwood I often visit.’
      • ‘These are succeeded by carpets of bluebells, rhododendrons and azaleas in Capability Brown's Rhododendron Dell.’
      • ‘The trees had incredibly thick foliage that formed knee-deep, half rotted carpets of fallen leaves.’
      • ‘Everywhere I turned there were immense trees towering above me, rainbows of exotically coloured blooms, and thick dark carpets of creeping moss.’
      • ‘The arrival of spring is associated with the flowers of the hawthorn, the return of the swifts and, of course, the violet-blue carpets of bluebells.’
      • ‘Just now, it looks splendid with carpets of primroses in the churchyard and inside, much repair work completed.’
      • ‘This time we dive Shark Point and I cruise round the walls of gorgonians and sponges, then chill out among the endless carpets of green anemones on top of the rock.’
      • ‘Thick carpets of the alien species are crowding out oysters and other native species on the seafloor.’
      covering, blanket, layer, cover, coat, coating, sheet, film, overlay, cloak, mantle, canopy, bed, expanse
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    3. 1.3US informal A type of artificial playing surface on a tennis court or sports field.
      ‘anybody's batting average must benefit from being able to play on the carpet’
      as modifier ‘the New York carpet courts’
      • ‘His eyes scanned the turf as if searching for answers buried deep beneath the rubberized carpet on Ford Field.’
      • ‘Down on the field, the artificial-turf carpet shines in the spring sun.’
  • 2with modifier A slender moth marked with undulating bands of colour across the wings.

    Many species in the family Geometridae, including the garden carpet (Xanthorhoe fluctuata)


[with object]
  • 1Cover with carpet.

    ‘the stairs were carpeted in a lovely shade of red’
    • ‘The room is carpeted and has a white ceramic suite which comprises a free-standing Victorian bath, wash hand basin and toilet.’
    • ‘The floors in this room were carpeted and there was slow music flowing around.’
    • ‘The clubhouse is centrally heated and carpeted with tea/coffee facilities and mineral bar.’
    • ‘Rooms that weren't carpeted with rugs were tiled out on the floor to make some kind of design.’
    • ‘The room was fully carpeted and the ceiling had many pictures painted onto it.’
    • ‘The room is carpeted and features an open mahogany surround fireplace with marble inset and hearth.’
    • ‘The living room and bedroom were carpeted, as was the closet, but the kitchen was covered with a bad plastic tile.’
    • ‘In number 19 the room is carpeted and includes a period cast iron fireplace with tiled hearth.’
    • ‘The stairs were carpeted with this shaggy rug type carpet.’
    • ‘This airy room is carpeted and has a pleasantly high ceiling.’
    • ‘All rooms are carpeted except for the kitchen, which is tiled.’
    • ‘The stairs and landing are carpeted in beige and, along with the conservatory, are the only areas without wooden floorboards.’
    • ‘The room was heavily carpeted and filled with plants and exercise equipment, including a treadmill, some kind of Nautilus, and free weights.’
    • ‘There were more of the bright couches and pillows, and both the TV and living rooms were plushly carpeted.’
    • ‘When I got back to the cottage last night, the living room was carpeted by wrapping papers.’
    • ‘The living room was carpeted in pink and 2 beige sofas with blue pillows lined the corner.’
    • ‘The dining room was carpeted, and there was a quiet buzz of conversation from the other guests.’
    • ‘My room was carpeted in red and the walls were black with silver and red flowers.’
    • ‘The stairs were carpeted with a brown and blue floral design.’
    • ‘The room was carpeted and had two beds, each on opposite walls.’
    1. 1.1 Cover with a thick or soft expanse or layer of something.
      ‘the meadows are carpeted with flowers’
      • ‘Finally we stop for lunch, having found a small clearing, carpeted with lush, soft grass and lying near the stream.’
      • ‘Some areas are carpeted with thick mats of water hyacinths - mats so dense that herons and blackbirds walk across them and no boat can shove through.’
      • ‘The thick moss carpeting the trail welcomed each footfall as she wandered through the ancient wood.’
      • ‘The deep, circular gully is carpeted with soft corals growing from the sandy floor, and sea fans and sea whips adorn the sides.’
      • ‘A smooth white blanket of snow carpeted the landscape in all directions.’
      • ‘Flowers burst from green stems, smaller splashes of colour carpeting the ground.’
      • ‘In the few places where sunlight had good purchase, patches of spiderwort crowned with their blue flowers carpeted the ground.’
      • ‘The insects are forming thick clouds near the ground, and they carpet the inside of the car when the doors are cracked open.’
      • ‘The seascape, essentially of hard corals, is sporadically carpeted with colourful soft corals, sea whips, sea fans and leathery soft corals.’
      • ‘It's good damp autumn smelling weather with layers of orange leaves starting to carpet paths around the village.’
      • ‘You can choose to follow the port side of the hull, which is carpeted with hard and soft corals sheltering dozens of fish species, or follow the stern round to the remnants of the rear deck.’
      • ‘I was surprised to find, in the northwest, a land of rolling green hills carpeted with flowers, olive groves and distant hills topped by a solitary farmhouse ringed with poplar trees.’
      • ‘The underwater topography in these areas usually consists of jumbles of boulders, carpeted with soft corals, which tumble down to sand at 30m and form caves, crevices and tunnels.’
      • ‘Olive groves were carpeted by these colourful flowers.’
      • ‘The tiny clearing was carpeted with thick cloves, so Cora laid all of the garments out flat to dry and hoped to enjoy the green fragrance.’
      • ‘It has three entrances and is carpeted in colourful sponges and soft corals.’
      • ‘The trees were tall conifers, and the ground was carpeted with soft brown needles.’
      • ‘The path was not paved; it was carpeted in wonderful green grass.’
      • ‘Here, steep sloping sides are carpeted with colourful soft corals, table corals, sponges and whip corals.’
      • ‘The main entrance was carpeted in a deep red thick carpet which also went up the grand staircase in the middle.’
      cover, coat, overlay, overspread, blanket, overlie, extend over, pave
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  • 2British informal Reprimand severely.

    ‘the Chancellor of the Exchequer carpeted the bank bosses’
    • ‘There's a minister who today deserves to be cross-examined by his boss, carpeted, and possibly sacked.’
    • ‘He has been carpeted too, for pulling the hair of the other team's goalkeeping coach.’
    • ‘The team's boss will carpet his midfield ace for his spat with an opponent in the heat of the Pride Park battle.’
    reprimand, rebuke, admonish, chastise, chide, upbraid, reprove, reproach, scold, remonstrate with, berate, take to task, pull up, castigate, lambaste, read someone the riot act, give someone a piece of one's mind, lecture, criticize, censure
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  • on the carpet

    • informal Being severely reprimanded by someone in authority.

      ‘we've all been on the carpet for the chances we took’
      • ‘He is on the carpet for charging £300 on his expenses for a kilt jacket and the hacks have gone potty.’
      • ‘We must call them on the carpet when they infer that steroids and supplements are one and the same.’
      • ‘Unusually, he found himself on the carpet when he went back to basics to mark NHS Week.’
      • ‘So, psychiatry has a problem here, they are rightly being called on the carpet for lack of science.’
      • ‘But he must now work under a man who has not hesitated to call him on the carpet.’


Middle English (denoting a thick fabric used as a cover for a table or bed): from Old French carpite or medieval Latin carpita, from obsolete Italian carpita ‘woollen counterpane’, based on Latin carpere ‘pluck, pull to pieces’.